The Dining Room at Sheraton Towers Singapore has launched the Sept 2022 Indonesia Culinary Wonders with celebrated Indonesian chef William Wongso

The Dining Room at Sheraton Towers Singapore has launched the Sept 2022 Indonesia Culinary Wonders with celebrated Indonesian chef William Wongso.

One can embark on ‘The Nusantara Spice Journey’ from Sulawesi to Sumatra, with authentic Indonesian culinary delicacies spotlighting the indigenous ingredients, as well as aromatic herbs and spices, that captures the essence of Indonesian flavours.

It will be unveiled in Singapore and Bintan, at Sheraton Towers Singapore from Friday, 23 September to Sunday, 25 September, and at The Residence Bintan from Friday, 21 October to Sunday, 23 October respectively.

We started with Kunyit Asam (Ice Cold Turmeric and Tamarind). This is followed by Cold Appetisers, Salads and Hot Appetisers. What stood out for me were the Asinah Buah (Jakartanese Pickled Fruit Salad) and the Tahu Telur (Tofu Omelette in Sweet and Spicy Sauce). For Soup, we had the Soto Ayam Lamongan (Chicken Soup with Vermicelli and Vegetable).

Mains wise, the highlights were the flavorful Beef Rendang and Sate Kelapa / Klopo (Surabayanese Coconut Spiced Prime Beef Short Rib Satay paired with Peanut Soy Sauce). We also had the opportunity to savor some of the dishes that will be featured at The Residence Bintan. My favorites are Gohu (Mollucan Tuna Ceviche) and Selada Bangka (Bangkanese Turnip Orange Salad with Peanut Mustard Mayonnaise Dressing). The Es Teler Cendol is a decadent end to the meal and the Fruit Cocktail with Rice Flour Droplets are a perfect treat for my sweet tooth.

📣 Call 6839 5621 , email [email protected] or head to to reserve

🏢 30 Scotts Road The Dining Room Singapore 228230

🕚 Lunch Buffet 12.00pm to 3.00pm: 24 Sep and 25 Sep
Dinner Buffet 6.30pm to 10.00pm: 23 Sep and 24 Sep

💲Cost: Adults $88.00
Child (6 to 12 years old) $38.00