Supply & Demand Orchard and Supply & Demand Novena Delivery & Takeaway Menu , Supply & Demand Orchard 和 Supply & Demand Novena 推出送餐和外卖菜单

During the Circuit Breaker period, Supply & Demand Orchard and  Supply & Demand Novena will be providing island-wide delivery services along with quick pick-ups exclusively at Supply & Demand Novena

? Look forward to enjoying 25% off all dishes from the in-house S&D Classic Menu with island-wide delivery from 11.30am to 8.30pm from Monday – Saturday and 11.30am to 4.00pm on Sunday

? Whatsapp 6734 9588 or 9810 5650 for your orders. Advanced orders can be placed 2 hours ahead of preferred delivery time

?Delivery charge is capped at a flat rate of $12.00 with free delivery for orders above $68.00. Payment can be made via GrabPay or PayNow

?The full Delivery Menu can be accessed via this link:

?The full Pick-up Menu can be accessed via this link:

在阻断措施期间, Supply Demand Orchard 和 Supply Demand Novena 将提供全岛范围内的送货服务。位于李光前医学院的 Supply Demand Novena 也提供外卖服务。
?现在可享受25%的送餐折扣,周一至周六从11.30am 至 8.30pm,周日从 11.30am至4.00pm
? Whatsapp 6734 9588 或9810 5650 订餐。可以在送餐时间之前2小时前预定
?送货费是 $12.00,超过$ 68.00 的订单可免费送货, 可通过 GrabPay 或 PayNow 付款