MOS Cafe by MOS Burger has opened their new outlet at Great World, MOS Burger 旗下的 MOS Cafe 在 Great World 开了新的分店

MOS Cafe by MOS Burger has opened their new outlet at Great World. It is conceptualized as a flagship cafe that uses lots of fresh vegetables and fruits in their menu that is made up of original cafe dishes as well as items carefully curated from MOS Burger menu.

The Osaka Yaki Rice Burger Plate stands out for us, the seafood rice burger is drizzled with okomoniyaki sauce and sprinkled with bento flakes. The Gourmet Wagyu Burger with juicy pineapples that oozes inside your mouth and the Premium Smoked Wagyu Burger Plate drenched in BBQ wagyu sauce both boast a succulent and chewy patty.

Other recommended items are the Wagyu Demi Glace Rice Plate, Chicken Vegetable Curry with Chicken Cutlet Rice Plate, Osaka Yaki Rice Burger Plate and Crispy Chicken Salad. The Hot Special Fruit Tea is interesting to me as it includes a variety of real fruits such as banana and grapefruit. The Matcha Warabimochi Dessert offers a toothsome end to the meal.

? Great World is excited to welcome you back with a series of exclusive promotions and rewards from now till 31 July, while still providing a safe shopping environment for everyone! Redeem a $10 dining voucher when you spend $80* or get a 10% return value* with every purchase of $100 Great V-aap vouchers. T&Cs apply, visit for more details

? 1 Kim Seng Promenade Great World 01-112 Singapore 237994

? Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday: 11.00am to 9.30pm