Delight in the Strawberry Sakura High Tea by Janice Wong at 2am Dessert Bar, 在 Janice Wong 的 2am Dessert Bar 品尝樱花下午茶

The Strawberry Sakura High Tea by Janice Wong at 2am Dessert Bar promises to take your tastebuds on a gastronomical journey.

Indulge in a taste of all things sweet such as

?Strawberry Roku Gin Caprese Dessert

?Strawberry Kakigori 

?Compressed Strawberries with sweet milk 

?Strawberry Mochi 

?Ichigo Daifuku 


?Strawberry Yuzu Opera cake 

?Strawberry Basil Mousse cake 

?Strawberry Sakura Chocolates bon bons

?Sakura Caramel chocolate bon bons 

?Strawberry Green Tea Monaka 

Fresh Hanami Sakura flowers are specially flown in from Nagoya Japan for guests to enjoy during this Sakura gazing High Tea experience. It is available till 4 April and is priced at S$49.50 per pax with a choice of coffee or tea. One can also choose to pair it with cocktails and drinks such as Sakura Spritz, Strawberry Basil Kombocha, Emeri Pink Moscato or Marc Kreydenweiss.

? Make your reservation at

Limited to 10 sets per seating

? 21A Lor Liput Singapore 277733

? Operating Hours: 

Tuesday to Sunday: 1.00pm to 12.00am

Monday: Closed